It was an action packed week in the romance department!!!!!!  Confessions of love and apologies for unrequited love.

For this week’s evaluation test each student had to express his/her true feelings towards the other students in the academy.  The highlights were Mohamed Kammah’s and Ahmad Dawood’s performances.

Mohamed’s declaration came as a surprise to all.  We all knew that Mohamed is in love and that his songs and melodies are fueled by his sadness over a girl, but no one knew who it is and most thought she must be a girl whom he left behind in Egypt.  But as a surprise to all, he confessed his love to Tina Yamout!  Apparently he was attracted to her during the casting for the show, even before they got into the academy together, and then came to love her as he got to know her better.  But unfortunately for Mohamed, we all know that Tina is very much in love with her boyfriend Rabih and misses him a lot.  Mohamed has come to terms with the situation and decided to stay as Tina’s very good friend and nothing more. Things were a bit tense between the two for a couple of days mainly because Tina was surprised and uncomfortable with the way things happened.  She indirectly made Mohamed see how annoyed she was during Carmen Lebbos’s drama class on Thursday.  After that they had a talk and a hug and things are back to normal. 

There was more drama in the academy, when Ahmad chose Amal as the student to express his true feelings to.  This is a continuation of the Amal-Ahmad romance which started when Amal confessed that she loves Ahmad during Carmen’s drama class, but he made it obvious that he doesn’t feel the same. He decided on Monday to use this subject for his evaluation in front of the teachers and he chose Amal to tell her that he also likes her a lot but only as a sister and he apologized for not reciprocating her feelings.  The scenario was emotional and teary, and he ended it by singing Unforgettable.